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We take pride in quality control and attention to detail. Once the plan is put in motion you can focus on other aspects of your business. We are committed to executing the plan on time and exceeding expectations with the installation. Our philosophy is that the installation of your fitness center is not the completion of a project, but rather another chapter in a long-term partnership with many more to follow.

Tony Cameron

Tony Cameron

Vice President of Sales

Tony comes to Ready Fitness having been involved in fitness for over 30 years. His experience includes

  • Playing baseball for Pepperdine University
  • Drafted by Minnesota Twins and Seattle Mariners
  • Former VP of Sales for Fitco Fitness
  • VP of Development for WTS International

Tony enjoys spending time with his wife Meghan, their Greyhounds Sophie & Maverick, and their horse Buster, traveling, working out and golfing with friends.

Interesting fact about Tony: He completed over 30 Triathlons and 5 marathons. He also tripped over the pitcher’s mound at Dodgers Stadium in front of 40,000 people.

Sales Region: As Vice President of Sales for Ready Fitness, Tony, works nationally with clients to help design and create fitness centers that they can be proud to showcase their developments.

Contact Information: 404-229-0699  |  tony@readyfitness.com

Chris Talbird

Chris Talbird

Project Manager

Chris comes to Ready Fitness having been involved in fitness for over 25 years. His experience includes

  • Former Fitness Director at the YMCA for 9 years
  • 18 years in fitness equipment sales

Chris enjoys anything that includes his family and starting off each day with a good workout.

Interesting fact about Chris: He has always been active playing sports but the only broken bone he has had came while roller-skating at his daughter’s 11-year-old birthday party.  She’s now 16 and still won’t let him back on skates.

Sales Region: As Project Manager for Ready Fitness, Chris, covers the Alabama, Mississippi and Memphis territories.

Contact Information: (205) 732-2550  |  chris@readyfitness.com

Cel Thompson

Cel Thompson

Project Manager

Cel brings over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry as a fitness coach, personal trainer, and fitness competitor. This, combined with her 10 years of sales experience, is what has helped her build out a brand new territory for Ready Fitness.

Board member for the Charlotte Chamber’s Healthy Charlotte initiative and co-lead for the Healthy Charlotte Collaboration team. Board member for the GCAA (Greater Charlotte Apartment Association) and is the 2018 President of the GCAA Products and Services Council.

Interesting fact about Cel: For the past 11 years, she has been the fitness coach for the Charlotte Hornets NBA Professional Dance Team the “Honeybees”. She has also been a fitness competitor since 2003 and her most recent personal achievement was placing 3rd in the Fitness America World Championships Pro Division held in Las Vegas November 2017.

Sales Region: Celia serves as one of the project managers for the Carolinas. She works closely with clients to create a fitness space which includes; designing a layout, choosing equipment, providing service, and overseeing each project from conception to delivery.

Contact Information: 704-789-3440 | celia@readyfitness.com

Scott Lipka

Scott Lipka

Sales Manager

Scott likes to start each day by running a few miles and getting in a good workout. His hobbies include spending time with family and playing golf.  Scott’s from Canada and was a classic double-threat, meaning he played hockey and golf in college.

An interesting thing about Scott is that he moved to the States to be with his fiancé after knowing her for only a few months.  Twenty years later, after two kids and a lot of good times….it was the right choice!

Sales Region: As Sales Manager for Ready Fitness, Scott covers North GA.

Contact Information: (404) 550-2176  |  scott@readyfitness.com

Tom Harvey

Tom Harvey

Sales Support Specialist

Tom joined Ready Fitness in 2018 coming from the Pro Audio Video Industry with substantial experience in Cardio TV and overall Sales support. His experience includes:

  • Dir. Of Professional Services, Xerox AV
  • Operations Manager, Choice Audio Video Technologies
  • Operations Manager, DMX Music S.E.

Tom enjoys swimming and spending time with his family and friends.

Interesting fact about Tom: Tom and his High School Water polo teammates were inducted into their High School Hall of Fame in 2017. Yet another example of how he peaked at age 17.

Organization Role: As Sales Support Specialist for Ready Fitness, Tom is primarily responsible for providing administrative support to the Sales Team.


Contact Information: 678-978-0180 | tom@readyfitness.com

Kelly Ponder

Kelly Ponder

Purchasing Manager

Kelly comes to Ready Fitness having been involved in fitness for over 22 years. Her experience involves:

  • Sales Support for Atlantic Fitness
  • Sales Support and Purchasing for Fitness Resource

Kelly enjoys watching her daughter and son play softball and baseball, spending time with her husband and working out.

Interesting fact about Kelly: She ran her first marathon on December 2nd, 2006 before kids. She plans on running the New York Marathon before she hangs up her running shoes. In the meantime, she runs a half marathon each year and plans to do a Triathlon at some point in the near future.

Organization Role: As Purchasing Manager for Ready Fitness, Kelly, fulfills orders for the President, Senior Vice President and Project Managers among other duties as needed.

Contact Information: kelly@readyfitness.com

Eric Coryer

Eric Coryer


After having spent his entire adult life in the fitness industry, Eric founded Ready Fitness in 2010. His experience includes:

  • Undergraduate Degree in Sports Administration, Graduate Degree in Business Management
  • Health Club Management
  • Personal Training, Group Exercise Instructor
  • Fitness equipment manufacturer representative
  • Fitness equipment distributor representative

Eric enjoys spending time with his family, coaching Special Olympics, barefoot waterskiing, and mountain biking.

Interesting fact about Eric: He recently won gold in his division at the USA Barefoot Waterskiing National Championship.

Service Area: In addition to his role as President for Ready Fitness, Eric, also maintains sales and customer service responsibilities for strategic accounts.

Contact Information: 404-550-3544 | eric@readyfitness.com

Walter Rush

Walter Rush

Ready Fitness Project Manager, Fitness Rush Website Manager

Walter comes to Ready Fitness as an Army veteran, and having been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years. His experience includes Area Sales Manager for Carolina Fitness Equipment in Atlanta, Area Sales Manager for Busy Body Fitness in the Atlanta area, and owner/operator of FitnessRush.com beginning in 1995 providing exercise equipment via the web, surrounding Atlanta Area, and nationwide.

Walter enjoys playing with his grandkids, exercising with his wife, bicycling with family and friends, and enjoying the outdoors as often as possible.

Interesting fact about Walter: He bicycled from LA California to Boston over 3400 miles in 30 days in 1999. He also has completed all 4 Georgia Brevets as a Randonneur, the longest ride being 375 miles in the North Georgia mountains. Mountain biking lately has been a focus and enjoyment with friends.

Service Area: As Manager for our Fitness Rush website Walter also fulfills and exceeds client expectations pertaining to decisions positively affecting our web clients in the Atlanta area and also nationwide. As Project Manager for Ready Fitness, Walter fulfills clients needs and desire concerning exercise equipment options for commercial or residential applications in the Atlanta area and the SouthEast.

Contact Information: walter@readyfitness.com

Lance Gauntt

Lance Gauntt

Project Manager

Lance has been involved in fitness for over 28 years. His experience includes:

  • Senior Direct Territory Manager for Universal Gym Equipment covering Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee
  • Health Club Co-Owner in Peachtree City Georgia
  • Was a Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist
  • South Georgia Territory Manager for two Atlanta-based fitness equipment distributors
  • Project Manager for Ready Fitness – five years

Lance spends his leisure time with friends and family, working out, has interest in IndyCar and Formula 1, enjoys military history, has been a member of the Peachtree City Running Club, and volunteers for various charities including the Holliday-Dorsey-Fife Historic Museum, Promise Place (Council on Domestic Violence), and Wake for Warriors.

Interesting fact about Lance: He rescued 30+ turtles from being potential road-kill, can identify propeller aircraft by the sound of their engines, has saved hundreds of plants and flowers from certain death (from the hand of his girlfriend).

Sales Region: As a Project Manager for Ready Fitness, Lance covers all of South Georgia and southern South Carolina area.

Contact Information: 404-576-5670 | lance@readyfitness.com

Billy Richter

Billy Richter

Inside Sales Manager

Billy comes to Ready Fitness having been involved in sales and marketing for over 30 years across several industries. His experience includes:

  • Former General Manager for Labtron Scientific Corp.
  • Former Director of Marketing & Visual Merchandising for Catalina Lighting, Inc.
  • Former Inside Sales Specialist for SportsArt, North America
  • Licensed Real Estate Broker-State of Florida

Billy enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, traveling and attending live music performances and cultural events.

Interesting fact about Billy: He was a professional musician growing up and majored in Music in college.

Organization Role: As the Inside Sales Manager for Ready Fitness, Billy provides administrative and operational support for the President, Senior Vice President, and in-house team of Project Managers.

Contact Information: 404-821-1315 | billy@readyfitness.com

Stacey Bensley

Stacey Bensley

Service Operations Manager

Stacy comes to Ready Fitness having been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Her experience includes:

  • Former Manager for Atlantic Fitness (sold to Fitness Resource)
  • Former General Manager for Fitness Resource

Stacy enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband at the beach and long drives in the mountains.

Interesting fact about Stacy: Her dad was a professional gambler and she doesn’t even play the lottery. She has always lived within 9 miles of where she was born. She was a competitive speed skater in her teenage years.

Organization Role: As Service Operations Manager for Ready Fitness, Stacy, handles service, parts and Preventative maintenance programs.

Contact Information: 404-273-7520 | stacy@readyfitness.com

Julie Fisher

Julie Fisher

Sales and Logistics Coordinator

Julie comes to Ready Fitness having been involved in the fitness industry for over 30 years. Her experience involves:

  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Procurement and Vendor Management
  • Commercial Sales and Support

Julie enjoys spending time with her family and two dogs, golfing, gardening, hiking and anything that gets her outside enjoying the fresh air.

Interesting fact about Julie: Julie collects crystal Christmas ornaments and has well over a thousand ornaments that are hung on a 10’ artificial Christmas tree with white lights. It is a 3-day process to put up and take down.

Organizational Role: As the Sales and Logistics Coordinator for Ready Fitness, Julie, provides administrative support for the President, Purchasing Manager and Inside Sales Team.

Contact Information: julie@readyfitness.com

Howard Jones

Howard Jones

Warehouse and Delivery Manager

Howard comes to Ready Fitness having been involved in fitness for over 15 years. His experience includes:

  • Former Service Tech at Fitness Resource.
  • Former Service Coordinator and Tech at Ga Fitness Service.
  • Former Owner of AAA Fitness Services.

Howard enjoys spending time with his kids (two girls), restoring old jeeps and going on outdoor adventures of all types.

Interesting fact about Howard: Loves to ride dirt bikes and plans to take a dirt bike cross-country from NC to Oregon in the next few years.

Organization Role: As Warehouse/Delivery Manager for Ready Fitness, Howard coordinates delivery schedule and manages warehouse among other duties.

Contact Information: 404-851-4426   |  howard@readyfitness.com

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