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Taking Your Workout Outside

Summer is winding down but you can still take your workout outside even into the winter. Yup, escape the four walls and your comfortable treadmill for the wide-open walking trail or just the backyard. The Mayo Clinic says taking your workout outside can boost...

Give your Heart a Little Love for Valentines Day

Regular exercise can strengthen your heart muscle, keep your weight under control and fight high blood pressure. And it doesn’t mean you have to become a gym rat. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, three types of exercise can get or keep your heart healthy and it’s never too late to take exercise to “Heart.”

Go basic for your workout during the Holidays

These three main body weight moves can give you a solid base for fitness AND dealing with the Holiday hassle: Crunches, Push-ups and Squats. Take 10 Minutes and do as many as the following exercises as you can and then… shop, cook, wrap or fight with the relatives.

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