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Ready Fitness is always on top of the latest trends in fitness. Particularly when it comes to equipment. Our residents and our prospective residents are increasingly health conscious and when they walk through the doors of one of our fitness centers they expect to see resort quality equipment and a welcoming fitness environment and that is what we are able to provide with the help of Ready Fitness.

I am always impressed with the level of support that I get from Ready Fitness and the level of responsiveness that Ready Fitness provides.

Johnny Ladson

Director of Development, Gables Residential

Ready Fitness keeps up with the trends the technology. In terms of planning floor space to designing the facility to ordering equipment. They know what they are doing. 

I trust Ready Fitness more than any other company I’ve ever worked with.

Jennifer Polic

Health & Fitness Director, Capital City Club

It’s great when we are able to work with a company that sees our dream. They see our vision. If you go to most of our fitness centers, they’re not just packed to the brim, wall-to-wall, with treadmills or ellipticals. There is space; there is functional movement space.

It’s really a full-service team approach that you are not going to get anywhere else.

Karl Smith

Director of Residential Well Living, Cortland

They are really good at understanding what I am asking for, but then understand that my budget may not be able to accommodate what I am asking for. So they work within my needs and that is something that is important too; is that they stay conscious of that.

If you want a company that is going to go above and beyond and make you feel important, then I would use Ready Fitness.

Julie Krummes

General Manager Delta Fitness Centers, Delta Airlines

You can’t ask for better service. You just want someone who is going to be your partner. If there are any issues at any point in time, it’s just a phone call and generally, within a short period of time, those repairs are done. They are ready, on the spot.

Louis Amis

Director of Employee Benefits, City of Atlanta

They were a great partner to work with and I could not have imagined working with a better team than Ready Fitness.

Kristen Leach

Strategic Retail Development, Merdcedes-Benz USA

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Attention to detail. Quality Control. Commitment to a relationship-driven process.

White-glove treatment before, during, and after the sale. Once our jointly developed plan goes into motion, these are a few of the elements that you will enjoy as a result of your decision to partner with Ready Fitness.

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