Functional Fitness is trending as more facilities focus on providing new exercise options for residents and guests… but what is it?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Functional Fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements and emphasize core stability.”

That’s a lot to simply say Functional Fitness builds the muscles you use every day. It’s great for you and your body!

But how does this relate to you and your fitness amenity?

Functional Fitness has become a buzzword and a driving force behind new fitness center design. Many properties focus on Functional Fitness to attract residents in their 20s and 30s. But Functional Fitness is good for all ages, especially the 55+ crew.


Our good partner Torque Fitness provides some incredible options for Functional Fitness with their X-Create functional training system.

The equipment can be optimized for any size and shape of fitness space with center, wall, and bridge configurations.

“X-Create is all about creativity and versatility. I use them in nearly all of my designs,” says Ready Fitness Sales Manager Cel Smart.

X-Create Systems really puts the “function” in functional fitness by providing everything from
Smith machine capability to monkey bars, TRX battle ropes, and heavy bag. And since resistance bands, exercise balls, kettlebells, and dumbbells are often used in functional fitness workouts X-Create provides storage in a beautiful layout.

During a recent visit to Torque HQ in Minnesota, the Ready Fitness Team was introduced to all the new training possibilities.

“Torque provides absurdly diverse options for functional fitness,” says Torque’s Jimmy Clausen. “There are so many options with X-Create it really provides fitness for everyone.”


Lance’s “Rack Daddy” by Torque Fitness

We talked about Functional Fitness being a driving force for attracting young residents but Ready Fitness Sales Manager Lance Gauntt also uses Torque X-Create bridges and wall units in his designs for 55 and older communities.

“I am using Torque on almost every job large or small. I can custom-create things specific to what’s needed without having to charge to my customers. The custom is standard with Torque,” says Lance.

“From single cable column functionality to ball/band storage and endless rope trainer with adjustable tension and a dumbbell rack you can add anything. And it can all fit in a very small space. If those were all independent think about the space you would need,” says Lance.

Lance has also worked with Torque to create what he calls the “Rack Daddy” from the X-Create line. It’s a 12-foot-long wall unit with a smith machine, band, ball, dumbbell, kettlebell storage, and more.


As you add more functional systems like Torque X-Create to your fitness amenity your residents and guests will see improvements in their ability to perform functional training and in turn their ability to stay get and stay healthy. That’s quite a return on your fitness space investment.

We can help you transform your fitness space, contact Ready Fitness today!

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