Planning and Design

Let’s captivate your guests by showing them the priority you place on their well-being.

For existing fitness centers and new builds, the experienced staff at Ready Fitness can help you every step of the way. We help determine the appropriate space, fitness equipment, and infrastructure requirements for your facility. Working with your staff as well as the architectural designers is our expertise.

Our consultants can assist you with:

  • 2D equipment layouts reflecting an appropriate floor plan for your facility
  • 3D visualization of your ideal facility
  • Compliance with ADA Regulations
  • Electrical and low voltage placement based on your equipment layout
  • TV placement for the best ergonomics, viewing, and aesthetics
  • Selection and placement of equipment for optimal workouts and traffic flow
  • Correct spacing around equipment for safety and effective use
  • The appropriate amount of equipment for your facility size and client base


Consultants work on-site, to develop the best design for your space.

They help plan and visualize the best layout, equipment, and design for your clientele.

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