Ready Fitness spends most of its time working in the multi-family space, and what renters look for in a property changes quickly.  As Gen Z entered the rental market, developers noticed a shift toward new and different amenities for apartments… focusing on community and experiences.

While outdoor space has always been popular, apartments are looking for new ways to use these areas for residents. Rooftop decks, yes, but one new strategy is to bring the fitness center outside!

“Fitness rooms are in demand, but it’s important that they can extend into an outdoor space,” Jennifer Bien, director of interior design at Pleasanton, California-based Dahlin Architecture, said in a recent issue of Multifamily Dive.

At Ready Fitness, we are focusing more than ever on outdoor fitness. Partnering with equipment manufacturer Beaver Fit, we have found equipment that can survive the elements and provide a great workout!

Is your property keeping up with changing tastes?  Work with Ready Fitness to bring your indoor fitness center… outside.

After all, it’s all about the amenities! Contact Ready Fitness today!

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