Our Solutions

Client Needs Assessment

We will meet with you and listen to your goals, objectives and concerns. We will assess the space and existing layout. We will assess the existing fitness equipment and determine what should be repaired or replaced. Essentially we can help you manage your fitness center asset by collaborating to determine short term and long term needs. Then establishing plans and budgets to meet those needs.

Our experts will help educate you on emerging fitness trends as well as the hot new fitness products and programs. We can help you anticipate the needs of your clients and plan for the future requirements of your facility.

Planning & Design

For existing fitness centers and new builds, the experienced staff at Ready Fitness can help you every step of the way. We help determine the appropriate space, fitness equipment, and infrastructure requirements for your facility. Working with your staff as well as the architectural designers is our expertise.

Our consultants can assist you with:

  • 2D equipment layouts reflecting an appropriate floor plan for your facility
  • 3D visualization of your ideal facility
  • Electrical and low voltage placement based on your equipment layout
  • TV placement for the best ergonomics, viewing, and aesthetics
  • Selection and placement of equipment for optimal workouts and traffic flow
  • Correct spacing around equipment for safety and effective use
  • The appropriate amount of equipment for your facility size and client base

Service & Repairs

Nobody likes to see ‘Out of Order’ signs- not you, not your clients, and not us either. We stand Ready for your call to promptly and accurately repair your fitness equipment when needed. Our technicians will; diagnose and communicate on the issues at hand, prepare a detailed proposal for the repair needs and costs, and swiftly move to complete the work needed. The goal is simply to minimize downtime and maximize customer satisfaction.

Preventative Maintenance

Our in-depth preventative maintenance program is designed to keep your equipment in the best condition possible. A preventative maintenance plan will provide your fitness facility with a regular servicing schedule. Preventative maintenance will help extend equipment lifespan, decrease equipment downtime, and provide your clients will well-tuned fitness equipment.

Equipment Leasing

Ready Fitness can assist you with equipment leasing and financing options. We work with several financial companies that specialize in leasing and financing of fitness equipment. A variety of programs are available. One of the expert consultants we work with can prepare a solution that meets the needs of your business.

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