You want your Fitness Center to be as original as your property.

Working with the team at Ready Fitness can change the look and feel of your fitness amenity and yes, sell your property!

Waterline Miami River in Miami, Florida has some unique features that definitely make it stand out!  Ready Fitness Sales Manager Cel Smart worked closely with the Waterline team to create this unforgettable space.

Cel and Jimmy from Torque fitness came up with an AMAZING double bridge for the space.  The design is not only functional for residents to use, but it also adds shape and dimension to the room.  The gym is not about just putting equipment in or having technology.  Paying attention to the flow and design can give you a big payback!

“Things to consider when planning or renovating your fitness space: wall color, flooring, artwork, room layout, and equipment.  It is about the overall feel it has when you walk through it.  Think about what you would like future residents to experience when they walk in your fitness center,” says Cel.

“Do you want them to think this is where I want to be?  Keeping this in mind when planning a space is key to creating all the good vibes you want people to feel when they are touring and or working out in your fitness center,” Says Cel.

Photos by:  Waterline Miami River

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