Fitness trends are always evolving.  At Ready Fitness, we find what worked 20 years ago… doesn’t work today. While Treadmills are consistently leading the pack for equipment, interest in Yoga and Water Aerobics classes are on the rise. It’s a different world in many health clubs and fitness facilities.

The most recent IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report found the three types of workout equipment most often used in health clubs are treadmills, resistance machines and free weights.  Not surprising, those are standard in many health clubs.

But in group exercise and training programs Yoga came out on top with 36% of IHRSA members reporting class participation up 22% from just two years before.  IHRSA is not sure if the huge increase is a trend or just a flash in the pan… but it is a significant increase of people wanting to get their zen on.

After yoga classes, 24% of health club members are doing stretching classes and 23% prefer calisthenic or body weight exercise classes.  Dance, Step and other choreographed classes posted the second greatest growth after yoga up 10% from two years before and Aquatic Exercise participation is also on the rise, up 5%.

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