It’s a new year and a new decade… is your fitness center ready for 2020?

So much has changed in the fitness equipment business in the past decade, it might be time to refresh and renew your space with the latest and greatest.

Ready Fitness Founder and Guru Eric Coryer and Ready Fitness Vice President Matt Braswell got together to come up with Five Things you need in your Fitness Center. And everyone on the Ready Fitness Team is ready to help you make your Fitness Dreams come true in 2020.

1) Echelon Bike

This is the virtual exercise equipment everyone was talking about in 2019… and probably one of the coolest presents of the holiday season. The Echelon Bike allows users to take live and on-demand exercise classes.

It will be the star of your studio right from the beginning.

2) Octane Max Trainer

This is a Ready Fitness Favorite.  We have our own internal company competition on the Octane Max Trainer at headquarters. Using no power but human power, the Max Trainer is perfect for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts.  It’s a once-a-day 14-minute total-body workout that can be addicting.  It sure is for us.

“Max Trainer users benefit from maximum calorie burn and powerful conditioning in a short amount of time, helping drive motivation and results, ” says Octane Fitness, maker of the Max Trainer.

Here is Ready Fitness Regional Sales Manager Chris “T-Bird” Talbird going to the Max!

3) Matrix Functional Trainer

Functional Fitness has been a catch-phrase in the past decade and it may only get bigger in the “20s.”

The Matrix Functional Trainer can give your Fitness Center plenty of options for everyone. The swiveling accessory station accommodates more training handles and attachments and the pull-up handles can be used in many ways.

Here is Ready Fitness Regional Sales Manager Brett Huffman doing a quick demo:


4) TRX Pro 4 Suspension Training Kit

TRX Suspension Trainers for Body Weight Training make your body your machine.  Your clients will never get sick of trying new things.  TRX Suspension Training makes gravity your resistance, so adjusting the level of difficulty is as easy as moving your hands or feet, and progression is limitless.

There are also TRX Training Apps for your phone that can personalize the experience.

5) Torque X-Lab

The Torque X-Lab is geared to training multiple people at the same time… but it’s also visually pleasing and comes with tons of options and accessories.

The X-Lab is also perfect for small spaces and can fit in a corner or a wall… providing great storage to keep your fitness center tidy.

It includes Suspension Training Stations, Pull-Up Stations,  Resistance Band Stations, Ground Rotational Stations, a Dip Station, Plyo-Step Station, Battle Rope Anchors with Storage and so much more.

So take a good look at your fitness center and contact Ready Fitness today... we have you covered with design, equipment, and support!  Don’t let 2020 come in looking like the last decade.


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