Ready Fitness can work with you to create a fitness facility that’s truly a show place with state-of-the-art equipment and design.  But sometimes adding a few key pieces can create a new vibe for your fitness center that’s both functional AND affordable.

Our Carolina Regional Sales Manager Cel Smart says it’s all about putting the “fun” in function! Check out her quick tips in this video!

Fitness On A Budget

If you want to get more “pop” and “wow”  in your Fitness Studio without spending a ton of money.  Focus on some key pieces and you can make it happen for less than you think!

Three Cardio Pieces for under $5K

  1. Virtual Spin Bike – This is a great way to add some “techie” in your fitness center. Virtual spin bikes are super trendy right now… and will be an instant hit. More brands are coming out all the time. Check with your Ready Fitness Rep for the details.
  2. Jacob’s Ladder – This is a self-powered cardio piece that’s great in studios with limited space and ceiling height.  An incredible addition to any HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Workout.  People will be “climbing over” each other to workout!
  3. Rower – Another part of a great HIIT workout… you could add more than one rower and stay under budget! And they too, are self-powered… so no extra electrical outlets.

Add a Storage Wall

  1. Space Saver – A storage wall doesn’t take up much room but can add interest and color to a fitness studio needing a little flair.
  2. Storage – From medicine balls to hand weights… you will have a place for everything and everything in it’s place.
  3. Functional – TRX, resistance bands and even monkey bars… a great workout can happen right on your storage wall.

“A few small changes can create community in your fitness center by allowing your people to get creative with their workouts!” say Cel.

Contact Ready Fitness today to add a little new to your fitness center.



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