The holidays are crazy enough to make you forget your workouts and maybe your exercise equipment— but maybe the best thing to do to stay in shape is to keep it simple.

Forget the classes and fancy moves— and just concentrate on exercises that will keep you and your body in shape when your schedule is all over the place.

Fit this little workout in when you can, where you can. These three main body weight moves can give you a solid base for fitness AND dealing with the Holiday hassle: Crunches, Push-ups and Squats.

Take 10 Minutes and do as many as you can and then… shop, cook, wrap or fight with the relatives.

  • CRUNCHES help strengthen your core muscles which can help posture and back pain. It’s crucial to have strong abs to pick up those really big gifts! Ready Fitness Project Manager Cel demonstrates a variation on the original, the bicycle crunch!
  • PUSH UPS focus on your arms, abs and lower body at the same time.  It really is a do anywhere exercise as Ready Fitness Project Manager Pete demonstrates.
  • SQUATS build your leg muscles but also help your balance and range of motion in your ankles and hips. Squat down to pick up your gifts under the tree or try this little variation… squat snaps! Oh… snap!
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