Is your fitness amenity staying current with the latest trends and equipment? It may be time to do an inventory of what’s working, what’s not, and what to change this year.

The American College of Sports Medicine ranks fitness trends every year… and up top this year is Wearable Technology… does your fitness equipment integrate easily with an Apple Watch or Fitbit? We can make that happen!

Much of the equipment we sell from Matrix Fitness is compatible with most wearable technology and apps. Your members/residents will be more likely to value your fitness amenity with this extra touch.

Matrix integrates with most apps and wearables

The Matrix Workout Tracking Network lets people capture data from all their favorite fitness apps in one place using a single customizable interface.

The Ready Fitness Team is also jumping on some other fitness trends of the 2022 “Fitness Season.”

1. Virtual workouts – Echelon, Matrix iFit console

In the age of a pandemic and the digital workplace, fitness is virtual and more personal than ever. It’s not surprising that online live and on-demand exercise classes are trending for 2022.

Virtual workouts can still create a community workout experience while avoiding a large gym and group class. And you can fit your class in between zoom meetings because you don’t have to drive across town.

On the Echelon Reflect, the types of classes you can do are endless. From HIIT and strength training to yoga and cycling sessions. With so many options available, you can frequently switch things up to keep your workout routine fresh and fun. 

HIIT and yoga also made the ACSM Top Fitness Trends List.

2. Functional Fitness – Torque Rack

It’s all about options when it comes to another top trend of 2022: Functional Fitness.

Beyond cardio, your fitness center should incorporate at least one type of rack which can add storage, color, and oh so many new ways to work out with body weight. Battle Ropes, TRX, and even monkey bars.

Lindbergh Center

A Torque rack can put the “fun” back into functional fitness and we can help you find the right shape and size for your fitness space.

3. Design Layout – Ready Fitness Team

What often separates Ready Fitness from the pack is our ability to design a fitness center that is a true asset to your community. We strive for an amenity that brings in more residents and more sales.

It’s about more than elegant eye candy that brings in more revenue, we know how to optimize fitness center layout for function and flow, utilizing the existing space with making it seem empty or cramped.

Generation Atlanta

“It’s not just about where you put the equipment but how does the space feel,” says Ready Fitness Founder and President Eric Coryer.

We make sure we are incorporating all of the fitness trends we have discussed in this article plus site lines, traffic flow, ADA guidelines, safety zones, and of course, add a “Wow Factor.”

It’s important to pay attention to trends so your fitness amenity doesn’t look like it came out of the age of leg warmers and the thigh master. But also rely on the experts at Ready Fitness for proven results.

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