2020…  We are all in this thing together,  so we want to do our part to help.

As far as our Fitness Centers… a spin class might not be the best way to socially distance, but
new technology is enabling your property to do fitness better with a personal touch.

At Ready Fitness, we have had success with the Echelon family of fitness products, which give
you all of the benefits of classes at a high-end fitness club… but with a very personal experience
in a safe and healthy environment.

Consider adding one or all of these pieces to your fitness center… and it will soon be a hit with
your residents and members. It’s personal training reimagined.

ECHELON Connect Bike
It’s like riding a bike… but better. Take a scenic ride, follow world-class instructors as they lead
you on the live spin class of your life or pick an on-demand class for every fitness level and
workout plan. Plus, your members can join a community of people who are working towards
their fitness goals.

Mirror, mirror on the wall… creating the best fitness classes of all. The Echelon Reflect is a
touch-screen workout offering a variety of live and on-demand classes. Some of our properties
have installed several Reflects to serve their residents at a safe, social distance.

Enjoy a connected, full-body, low-impact workout by jumping into classes, working with a
trainer, or taking a challenging scenic row. The screen makes this rower, not just a workout but
an experience!

The newest member of the Echelon Product family is a treadmill that’s smart and savvy. It’s has
everything Echelon as far as connected workouts and classes in the treadmill package.
Go big with exercise, by going personal.

Contact Ready Fitness to take your fitness center to the next “ECHELON.”

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