Fitness Centers are re-opening around the country and we are ready to get you up to speed!

We are committed to the safety and reliability of your fitness centers during the COVID19 pandemic and you may be experiencing some equipment issues due to lack of use.


Slippery Running Belt Surface: Lubricants may have soaked through to the top surface of many running belt seams potentially creating a slippery running surface.

Stopping Unexpectedly:  Unused deck and belt lubricant has become tacky causing high amp draw on many treadmills. This could burn out the motor control board.

Thumping Noise:  Some running belts may have formed around the front and rear rollers, but the noise should diminish after a few hours of use.

Ellipticals & Bikes

Dead Batteries:  Unused cordless machines may fail as batteries haven’t been recharged for several months.  Some batteries may need to be replaced while others may recharge after a few hours of use.

Thump/Squeak Noise:  Drive belts, pedal wheels, and bearings may have flat spots or sticky bearings. The noise should go away after a few hours of use.

Weight Machines

Stuck Parts:  Adjustment pins, seats, handles or possible surface rust.  Most issues can be resolved with a service call without replacing parts.

Thump/Squeak Noise:  Cables or belts may have flat spots and/or sticky bearings in pulleys, the noise should diminish after a few hours of use.


What can you do?

  • Keep the A/C on in fitness center (71-78 degrees)to lower the humidity and condensation.
  • If your fitness center won’t be used for a while. Turn off the equipment at the power switch, then unplug it from the wall to protect from power surges.
  • Before reopening, turn A/C to normal temperature for 48 hours prior to plugging in equipment.
  • To restart equipment, plug in power cord, turn on power switch, allow 5-15 minutes to fully reboot.
  • Most importantly, call Ready Fitness (404) 551-4472 with any issues or email us at


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