The Ready Fitness Team is just crazy about the Max Trainer.

It all started in August when our Octane Fitness Rep, Matt Hennessey, came to Georgia to train us on the Max Trainer and challenged us to challenge each other.

And then it got a little nutty.

The Max Trainer “Leader Board”

The entire Ready Fitness Team seems to be working out on the Max in our office just about every day. We even have a corner of our whiteboard in the conference room dedicated to top scores.

“It’s a great HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Cardio Machine. I love how it can get your heart rate up quick and offers total body exercise. It’s low impact but still extremely challenging,” says Eric Coryer, our fearless Ready Fitness President who is a bit obsessed with the Max Trainer.

The trash talk is ubiquitous… and motivating. We now have several units set up side by side so we can compete head-to-head.

Ready Fitness Project Chris Talbird is our reigning champ with highest calorie burn in the Max14 workout, he’s held it for three months. A few of us are on his heels so we are ready to have everyone in for a group challenge day again soon.

The Octane Fitness Max Trainer was introduced in March at the IHRSA Show and Ready Fitness purchased the first 10 Max Trainers in the United States. We started installing them in this fall. What’s cool is that this cordless machine fits anywhere.

“Our clients are eager for their new facilities to feature the Max Trainer. We’ve had clients come to our office to try and workout with us. It’s been a lot of fun. it’s a hit… no HIIT,” says Eric.

Octane Fitness describes the Max Trainer machine as: A premium total-body machine designed for functional training, small group sessions and individual workouts. The Max Interval HIIT workout delivers benefits in just 14 minutes. With eight cycles of 25 seconds of high-intensity effort, followed by 80 seconds of lower-intensity recovery. Plus, this quick routine can foster an “afterburn effect” that results in additional calories burned hours after the exercise session.

OK. That’s the sales talk… but the Max Trainer is really fun and people are responding! When you go faster and harder you can hear the response of the fan. When each round is about to begin the console has a series of three bells. You feel like you’re jumping into the boxing ring!

“When we bring it to trade shows and even do a quick one-minute test challenge. We recently had it at the GRSA Workshop and it was a fan favorite,” says Eric.


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