We’re all online addicts and staying connected is important at home, at work, and yes, even in your fitness center.

Even before the pandemic, the trend toward virtual fitness and on-demand classes was growing tremendously in multi-family communities and on-site fitness centers. And now to compete in the amenity market, connected fitness is a must.

Ready Fitness embraced this trend from the beginning and we are incorporating it into nearly all of our new fitness center designs. It’s time for your fitness center to step up into some connected equipment. Prospective tenants are looking for luxury fitness in upscale communities.

Matrix Fitness integrates with most apps and wearables

Your residents/guests want to be able to access the internet to stream workouts from influencers they’re following on social media. People may also be interested in accessing workouts from the apps on their phones and display them on a screen in your fitness facility.

“People also want to get a tie-in to their wearables, so that the machine they’re using can communicate with an Apple Watch or similar device,” says Eric Coryer, President of Ready Fitness.

Connected workout mirrors and spin bikes are also popular. Mirrors allow users to exercise, do yoga or strength training along with a virtual trainer. What is the state of wi-fi in your fitness space? You may need an upgrade! For example, our popular Echelon Mirror needs Dual-band 802.11 A/B/G/N Wi-Fi, that’s up to 1300 Mbps!

Taking your fitness centers into new spaces is also a cool idea. Ready Fitness has installed fitness rigs outside for suspension training, bodyweight training, and other functional exercises.

Aktiv Outdoor Fitness Rig

“Communities can use even a small area of turf for a yoga class, or a resident could take a mat or a ball outside to do some exercises or a kettlebell workout,” says Eric.

Separate rooms for yoga, strength training, and group classes are common but some communities are even considering smaller rooms where one or two people can pull up a workout on a screen for a more private workout. The new options to personalize fitness are endless.

“When people are looking to move to an apartment community… and they see an attractive, well-equipped gym. Then their first thought is this where I am going to have a healthier lifestyle,” says Eric.

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