Scott Lipka is one of the newest Ready Fitness Regional Sales Managers and he attended the IHRSA show in San Diego with the rest of the team.  We thought it would be nice to get Scott’s take on the newest and coolest from the Trade Show.

Scott included some video to make his experience come alive.

First up one of our favorites… Torque.


We love the Torque Tank… and we have featured it before.  But Scott liked their entire line.

“Torque is an important line for me as I get requests to bring products that will make their gym more up to date and modern. With functional and cross fit being so prevalent these days, it’s a good fit for most and it was good to see a wide variety of their products on display and to talk with our rep,” says Scott.


“Octane has many exciting products in the elliptical space.  It was good to see, feel and touch their line so I can explain their benefits to our clients looking for something a little different.  Their new rower will be a great addition as well,” says Scott.


“The Abs Company is a smaller player but they have some interesting solutions and since the show, I’ve found myself talking about their Tire Flip and Weighted Battle Rope.  They are memorable products that our clients are seeing with every other proposal, but add a certain rugged element to a gym.”

All great stuff from Scott… if you want this equipment in your fitness center contact


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