Your Fitness Center can sell your property.  How the space is designed, the equipment and accessories can make it into a showplace… but it can also be functional for people who truly want to work out or even Train like an Athlete.

Ready Fitness Regional Sales Manager Brett Huffman is one of the newest members of the Ready Fitness Team.  He loves fitness design and the product side of working in the multi-family fitness space,  but Brett also just plain loves fitness.

Long before he came to Ready Fitness he was all about Football.  Brett was once a All-ACC Tight End for Duke University.  He may have gone pro in something besides Football, but Brett still trains like an athlete with the help of our best Ready Fitness Brands including Matrix and Torque.

“When you train like an athlete there’s more of a sense of urgency.  Instead of just getting on the elliptical for 20 minutes and calling it a day, you are working towards a larger goal” says Brett.

Brett and his North Carolina Ready Fitness Colleague Cel Smart put together some short videos to help you make your fitness studio relevant for all fitness levels and goals!

Here is a video to use the Matrix Treadmill in a whole new way. As Cel explains… it’s like a sled a football player would use… all in the comfort of your fitness center.

Brett says there are three keys to training like an athlete and setting up your space to motivate.

  • Focus on your Core – use a medicine ball or slam ball to get your whole body in motion
  • Strength Bands – they are easy, accessible and use so many more muscles that a hand weight
  • Battle Ropes – a lot of motion will work the smaller muscles and stabilize your core

“We didn’t have kettlebells at Duke… but they are a great addition!” says Brett. “Training like an athlete means you get down to business on the ground or the floor with some unique tools.  It takes me back to my strength and conditioning coach in college.”


But Cel says you also need to have fun… and mix up your workout to give your muscles a new challenge.  This is Cel on the Torque “Monkey Bars.” Not just for recess anymore.

“When you train like an Athlete you should put down your phone, get your heart rate up and focus on movement. Lower weight and more reps,” says Brett.  Focus on three components of training like an athlete:

  • Range – do a variety of exercises, movements
  • Heart Rate – get it up!
  • Functionality – simple equipment/movements can often give you the best results
Brett has some suggestions for using three items you may have in your fitness center in this video.

So pick 4-5 objects and set up your own little circuit. If you get bored, mix it up… add some accessories and tell the coach to put you in! Contact Ready Fitness for a quote today!

And check out our Ready Fitness YouTube Channel for more ways to Train Like an Athlete.

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