Taking your health into your own hands has never been more important. And here at Ready Fitness, we urge you to be mindful of all aspects of your health, especially now.

It goes without saying, exercise is great for your physical condition, but it’s also good for your mind and your soul. Working out can relieve stress. It’s an outlet to take out frustration, sadness, even anger. Exercise not only makes you feel better, but it also makes you be better.

Here are some products that will give your patrons and residents the “have their cake and eat it too” experience. A gym-quality workout, while staying in the safety of their very own fitness center on your property. 

We can help you create a better fitness routine for your residents with these incredible products:

ECHELON Connect Bike, Reflect, Rower

The Echelon Family of products can help you take a scenic ride, spin class, yoga class, or row on the river.   From live to on-demand classes for every fitness level and preference.  Your residents can make their own profile and compete against themselves or others around the country or the world.  They can create an exercise community without ever leaving yours.  Check out our recent blog on Echelon for more details HERE.

Expresso Bike

Your Fitness Center may need a shot of “Expresso!”  The Expresso Bike is one of our favorites and has often been called “Hands down one of the most fun ways to workout.”   Gamify your cardio on a bike that allows your patrons to go on an experience while they are getting healthy.

MATRIX Performance Plus treadmill w/ 22″ screen

We like to call this Matrix Treadmill the “Macdaddy.”  Ok, yea… it’s a treadmill.  But wow!  It features a 22-inch touchscreen console with an app-based interface that mirrors familiar smartphone and tablet operating systems. It has wifi, Bluetooth, and connects to the Apple Watch.  It does everything but workout for you!  This is an amazing addition to any fitness center focused on stepping up to the next level! Check out our recent blog on Matrix for more details HERE.

Let’s be safe. Let’s be smart. Let’s be better.

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