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Go basic for your workout during the Holidays

These three main body weight moves can give you a solid base for fitness AND dealing with the Holiday hassle: Crunches, Push-ups and Squats. Take 10 Minutes and do as many as the following exercises as you can and then… shop, cook, wrap or fight with the relatives.

Ready Fitness has a case of “Max Trainer Madness”

The Ready Fitness Team is just crazy about the Max Trainer. It all started in August when our Octane Fitness Rep, Matt Hennessey, came to Georgia to train us on the Max Trainer and challenged us to challenge each other. And then it got a little nutty. The entire Ready...

Working out with your Kids

“I believe that kids crave being pushed physically, but they don’t know how to ask for it. It’s important to have something to work for… outside the world of video games and cell phones.”

Putting the “FUN” in Functional Fitness

Summer is over and springing into a new workout may be the last thing on your mind.  But getting in shape is not just about getting into a bikini for the beach.  A manageable fitness routine can help you maintain or improve your life every day. That’s where Functional...

Finding your Fitness Zen

Yoga may be thousands of years old but only now is it becoming an accepted and integral part of many fitness programs.  According to the most recent IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report, Yoga tops the list of popular group exercise and training programs. For yogis around...

Fitness Trends in Health Clubs

Fitness trends are always evolving.  At Ready Fitness, we find what worked 20 years ago… doesn’t work today. While Treadmills are consistently leading the pack for equipment, interest in Yoga and Water Aerobics classes are on the rise. It's a different world in many...

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